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Senate GOP Leader: Party Must Explain Core Values; Senate Will Pass Stimulus Without GOP Votes

Senate GOP Leader: Party Must Explain Core Values; Senate Will Pass Stimulus Without GOP Votes

That's when Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate leader from Kentucky, ... leader of the Senatea position conferred by his peers and not voters, ... the parties have come together to do what is necessary to set things right again. ... Democrats may have won on health care, the stimulus, Wall Street.... the former Senate majority leader, and Beto O'Rourke, the former Texas ... Biden seeks to consolidate Democrats with momentum from his ... a choice between the party's core economic and social justice agenda, ... Bloomberg was a Republican for much of his political career. ... Some will go over to Trump.. Or else Senate Democrats are, too. ... the senators running for president instead stayed in Washington to vote, ... On health care, the parties came together to expand CHIP benefits, ... As with the stimulus, the idea that Republican opposition to a $1 ... With weeks to go before the caucuses, the race remains.... On Friday evening, Republican senators voted in near lock step to block ... Faced with credible evidence that a president was abusing his ... in the White House appeared to confirm the core of the impeachment case ... Friday in explaining her refusal to vote to hear from any witnesses. ... Go to Home Page .. Sen. Lamar Alexander, a key swing vote, is sticking with the GOP. ... There is no need for more evidence to prove something that has already ... I'm gonna go back to my office, put some eye drops in so that I can keep ... Senate leaders of both parties could also meet to decide how to conclude the trial.. Without 60 votes, any senator can block most bills using a procedure known as the filibuster. At its core, the filibuster is a rule that makes it harder for Congress to pass laws. ... the House of Representatives, which the Republican Party controlled by ... Then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid explained why:.. The crucial issue you vote on in the primaries and Presidential Election ... Community (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.) ... for the Republican Impeachment Inquiry Special Counsel John Doar, ... There are no special secure tubes (ex-Senator Ted Stevens, I mean.... Too much about the Republican candidate for the presidency is far too mysterious. ... It is the fault of Republicans not to explain their policies and come out of their ... With the House and the Senate, took the leadership to responsibly address the ... If the republican party can lose me, a corporate executive and economic.... Pelosi's job is to guide her party toward its political advantages. ... The House Democratic leadership has wanted no part of ... has been a "go-to" tactic of Trump's pre-season election campaign. ... Democratic senators would no longer have to explain why what voters perceive as a ... Supply Chain Values.. much smaller drop in property values, our employment rate has been higher, but if the job ... and healthy financial system, as well as a housing market, is key as well. ... The fact is we need to move forward and the leader of the Republican Party's ... elected President of the United Stateswith a tremendous majority vote and.... Senators will have time to explain their votes next week ... into President Donald Trump to its final stages with a vote to acquit the president set.... The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with its main rival, the Republican Party. ... Seats in the Senate. 45 / 100 ... Fifteen Democrats have served as president of the United States. ... The Democratic-Republican Party came to power in the election of 1800.. The former Senate Majority Leader talks about Nevada politics, the election, the Democratic Party, the Senate, impeachment, and U.F.O.s.. ... In 2004, Democrats not only failed to prevent Bush's relection but lost seats in ... Just a couple of weeks ago, he was the lone Republican to vote for impeachment.. Senate Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell and thenvice president ... prepared to deliver his remarks, drew its name from the source of its corporate ... faith in the political values of a bygone era with a different Republican Party. ... With this as his guiding light, Biden cast a decade's worth of votes that.... The Republican Party, also referred to as the GOP ("Grand Old party"), is one of the world's ... With the election of Abraham Lincoln (the first Republican President) in 1860, ... of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the party's core base shifted, with the ... Johnson was impeached by the House, but acquitted by the Senate.. Her Republican successors' ineptitude has thrown her skills into sharp relief. ... A powerful woman is always defined less by what she has done than by how ... Pelosi seems to feel no need to apologize for her status in the way women ... Saul LoebAFP/Getty ImagesPelosi and Senate Democratic leader.... The other vote he wanted was on the Republican plan to raise taxes by $1,000 each ... If we do not pass this legislation that is now before the Senate, if we don't do ... The plan of [[Page S5324]] the majority party and this President will cost ... that reflects our core values, I believe we must move to and consider and pass the.... Senator McConnell said that as Republican leader of the Senate, he would make ... almost evenly divided between the parties who sponsored a resolution to set as a ... majorities in Congress, does not need Republicans to pass most legislation. ... And while my voting record clearly reflects my core values, it also reflects a.... As the 2012 election gets underway, President Obama is still waiting to see who his ... Finally, the fractious battle for the GOP nomination reveals a party at war with ... need fewer moderates to build majorities because more voters now describe ... Kennedy in his victory over Romney in the '94 Senate race: I am pro-choice.. Illinois Perry, Romney backers clash on Republican primary vote ... But not all Senate Democrats are sending the same message ... We did not pass the budget with the assumption that it would require layoffs ... ability to talk, listen, work with each other without compromising core values, ... Explain how that might work.


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